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Take a Stand for Social Justice...

The Criminal Justice System is Broken

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Take a Stand for Social Equity...
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Take a Stand for Social Justice...

The Criminal Justice System is Broken

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About Our Purpose

Pardon Me, Please (PMP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to social justice, equity, accountability, equality and inclusion for the betterment of all communities because we can and shall do better as a unified society.  

PMP provides a wide range of opportunities for our members to level up. Ranging from financial and career workshops to job fairs, immigration and criminal law workshops, PMP provides members with “value” in exchange for their time, money and intellectual contributions. From teaching people how to manage their finances to getting their records sealed, all the way to helping them get their warrants and fines resolved, expungements and full pardons after fully rehabilitating themselves, PMP curates specialty legal clinics to empower members. PMP has built a wide range of community policies and programs to blindly serve and balance the scales for underserved, minority and otherwise qualifying populations within our community. All too often, viable solutions are found just out of reach, preventing otherwise good people from getting their lives back on a legitimate pathway as rehabilitated contributing members of our society. Just because someone has made a mistake doesn’t make them a bad person, just like doing something good doesn’t make someone a good person. In contrast, people crossing our US borders to have a better life for themselves and their families should not be considered “criminal” unless those individuals have in the past been convicted of (a) certain crime(s), multiple times, or have been deported in the past for being someone that deserves that deportation. Simply coming to the US for a better life is what the founding fathers did, taking any other approach is purely hypocritical.

Founded by a group of nonprofit advocates with first hand experience that inspired our establishment, Pardon Me, Please is fiscally sponsored by the Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) public charity organization. Furthermore, PMP is managed by expert administrators from MSO+, a public charity nonprofit management services organization founded in 2001 to serve organizations that provide disruptive solutions to an underrepresented population through public charities and other not-for-profit programs. 

In addition to management services provided through the MSOplus team, Compassion Center provides Pardon Me, Please with 501(c)(3) coverage so the organization can collect, manage and distribute funds with program oversight and accountability, combining analysis with measurable fiscal impacts, and publishing those results annually for public review.


Our Vision

A justful society, built upon ethics, equality and opportunity for ALL, regardless of their past, or country of origin, as long as one continues to build their future around serving others' needs and paying their own debt to society and the community

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Our Mission

Restoring opportunities by clearing barriers for, and names of, those who tirelessly serve on behalf of others by setting an example and nurturing leadership opportunities. From Workshops to Clinics, PMP is the future of wholeness in service

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Our Value

Humanity starts with dignity and is compounded when we bestow our love and compassion upon others. Pardon Me, Please is the Example and Social Equity is the Mission. Everyone has value, find yours and be the change you need to see

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Pardon Me, Please

Dedicated to Restoring Social Equity while realigning social justice with its purpose, the founders of Pardon Me, Please recognized a growing disparity between the people and the success of the systems that have been created to protect, correct and rehabilitate us. 

Fiscally sponsored by Compassion Center, and managed by MSOplus, Pardon Me, Please is designated as a public charity organization delivering individualized programs meant to evaluate, address and fill the gaps currently created by broken criminal justice/corrections and court systems, community corrections, immigration, fair wage laws and all associated stigmas, which prevent citizens and immigrants from (re-)establishing or (re)starting their lives on a peaceful, legitimate path to righteousness, public service and even prosperity.

Donations to Pardon Me, Please are considered to be a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible donation. Please see your tax professional for advice on your individual situation or circumstances.

Want to Contribute to PMP?

Pardon Me, Please is 100% Volunteer Run. That means 100% of your donation goes to the delivery of program and the advancement of social justice, social equity and inclusion for those who have been marginalized for whatever reason. Regardless if one is experiencing discrimination and/or racism, or if they made mistakes, served their time or made/paid restitution and are still struggling to find gainful employment and/or sustainable economic impact opportunities, PMP intends to address each disparity until we heal. Let’s Heal This.

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Pardon Me, Please's Most Important Issues

Pardon Me, Please (PMP) is dedicated to righting wrongs for a variety of social injustices in order to create and foster a more inclusive, wholesome and righteous future based on the core fundamentals of accountability, justice, social equity, equality and inclusion. With a goal of ending marginalization and injustice once and for all, PMP will educate, advocate and innovate for an inclusive future, based on blind compassion, empathy and wholeness for ALL by creating programs and paving pathways to prosperity for those who have fallen victim to the  systems and the circumstances that are leveraged against disadvantaged populations each and every day. #PMP!

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